Client Testimonials

A selection of audio, video and written testimonials from some of my clients.

Adam – freedom from pain through mental state [Audio]

Ann, freedom from multiple pains and feeling like a spring chicken! (note: this is an audio-only testimonial)

Fiona, freedom from shoulder pain and jaw tension

Jayne Johnson, freedom from pain, sleeping better and feeling confident

Adrian, Scarwork and whole body MOT after cancer

Nicola, freedom from debilitating migraines

Kathryn, Freedom from Low Back Pain

Naomi, freedom from scar pain after ankle surgery

Jane, Freedom after a Caesarean section

Andrew, freedom from forearm pain and tension

Sharon, freedom from backache and bladder problems

Erica, standing taller

Written Testimonials

Sarah committed herself to attending to me as an individual from the start. As well as my physical symptoms, Sarah has always been mindful of my emotional health and provided valuable emotional support and understanding throughout the time I have known her.

Mary, Retired Nurse – Newbury, Berkshire

Dr Sarah’s attention to care was apparent right from the outset. What she was able to tell about my skeleton and muscle state just from one consultation was amazing. Her treatment was gentle and non-obtrusive. In the 6 weeks since my first treatment I’ve not experienced the niggling recurring pain that I sought help for.

Rachel, Coach - Hampshire

Following invasive surgery over 4 years ago, I have experienced pain when getting out of bed. Sarah has achieved remarkable results. The scar tissue is joining up again in the underlying tissue via her massage and balm treatment. I would heartedly recommend Sarah if you want to get out of pain, get scar tissue sorted and get well on the way to proper lasting healing.

Tony, Financial Advisor - Berkshire

I had lower back ache for over 20 years, I had a series of ten treatments over three months. I have loved being pain free for over a year thanks to you.

Erica Carrick

You don’t just work on the area where the pain is located you look at the bigger picture. As a result of the treatment, my husband is now pain free and sleeping soundly. I can’t tell you what a difference this has made to his general well-being.

Julie and Peter Morris

Little did I know how much other surgeries I’d had were also affecting my shoulders–some of these surgeries were over 30 years ago! (after the first treatment) I drove home with tears in my eyes because of the pain that I was in, but it subsided after a couple of hours, and that was when I felt the relief in my body. I’m so hopeful that I will be back to full service after this course of treatment and ready for my holiday.

Lynn Gunston, Cleaner - Reading

16 years ago, I was involved in a fatal car accident. As a result of the injuries and surgery I have various ongoing issues, the most significant is back pain. Sarah very quickly identified what was going on and gave me some treatment, which worked absolute wonders. Even now, a few weeks on, I can still feel the benefits experiencing less pain than before. I have every confidence that Sarah will be able to help improve my condition and alleviate pain.

Becca, Solicitor - Crowthorne