• Overcome the challenges of long-term pain or sight loss

  • Feel younger and rediscover the fun in life

  • Use your untapped skills to create a fulfilling life

2022 Silver WINNER Best Businesswomen Awards [badge]

Who I Work With

I work with two different client groups:

Freedom from Pain

People with long-term, unresolved physical pain, e.g. back pain, migraines, or painful scars following surgery.


Beacons of Inspiration

People living with the challenges of sight loss.


Client Satisfaction Guarantee

  1. You will have a dedicated multi-disciplinary team, which is as invested in your success as you are. If you need support which was not initially predicted and have not experienced any major setbacks affected your progress, then this support is provided without further charge.
  2. If you do not achieve a satisfactory result within the time-frame predicted, you have been fully engaged in the treatment and have not experienced any additional major setbacks affecting your progress, then I shall continue to work with you for free until you achieve that result.