What my clients say

A selection of video testimonials and letters of thanks from some of my clients will be published from time to time.

Liz, career direction and acceptance of sight loss (note: this is an audio-only testimonial)

Nina, blind mum and business woman

An update from Nina, one year later

Liz, reflecting on the impact of working with a multi-disciplinary team

Many thanks for everything that you have done for me over the last few months. I very much enjoyed working with Rob, Gary and Lynn, as well as yourself, although, as we have already said, I found the early part of the programme quite a challenge. I feel I have made progress in all the areas I was given help with, and I feel much better equipped to move forward in my life.

Many thanks for bringing these people together to work with me and thank you for your own contribution which made me feel like I've smartened up my act. I feel more focused now and more able to manage my time effectively, thanks to you.